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Paris and Pierre Hermé

There were  many destinations that I was overeager to see in a day. This is vacation after all, so let’s do some planned stuff and then.. let’s just get lost.


Louvre and Tuileries

First on the day’s agenda was a trip to the almighty Louvre. You can’t go to Paris and not see this place. An added bonus- the Tuileries was right there too. Taking a leisurely stroll and decompressing from all the art overload was nice.


We kept walking, crossed a bridge, and found Notre Dame Cathedral. Just like that. How great is it to just pick a direction and see what you see?


Notre Dame

I’m sure you know what the cathedral looks like and there are tons of books that have beautiful photos. So, there won’t be any shots here. Instead, I’ve chosen to focus on the devil in the details.


Pierre Herme

After being big tourists and seeing some sights, it was time for a snack. We searched out Pierre Hermé and I was determined to get my hands on his famous Ispahan and 2000 Feuille.



Ta-da! Thanks to one of us who has the great map skills and sense of direction (not me), we arrived. Just look at this beauty. I have to say, PH is the greatest! The flavors of lychee, rose, and raspberry come together so effortlessly. This combination is genius. Loved the texture of chewy, slight crunch, ripe fruit and silky cream.


2000 Feuille

I had to wait until we got back to the hotel to tear into this one. Balancing my treasured bag of PH treats was difficult enough on a park bench in the wind and rain. Again, I was not disappointed. I love both mille feuille and praline so I was certain I would be pleased with the 2000 Feuille. Pleased was an understatement. The. Best. Ever. Had I known, I would have bought two or three.


Chocolate, Rose, and Green Tea Chestnut Macarons

Do I even need to tell you about the macarons? Insane.


More Space Invaders and stencil art

Now that we had a major sugar rush going and infinite smiles, it was time to go for another walk and see what we see…

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