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Mercado Hidalgo {Tijuana}

Due to its close proximity and abundance of tasty eats, we are finding ourselves more and more willing to cross over and brave a long (or short if you’re lucky) border wait time. Of course, we ALWAYS walk. No more 2.5+ hour car wait for us. Those days are DONE. Just the other week we were joking that TJ is fast becoming our go-to place for “special occasions” such as an anniversary dinner or birthday adventure. In this case, we went for my b-day where we spent the day at Mercado Hidalgo, just a short cab ride away from the San Ysidro border. Ever since we got some chapulines from Mexico City, K has been wanting to get more. It’s pretty much impossible to find spiced grasshoppers and insects in San Diego, hence the trip across the border.

Mercado Hidalgo, although small, was well laid out and contained in a rectangular shaped shopping area. It has everything from all kinds of herbs to fresh veggies to prepared food stalls, kitchen supply items, dried legumes, and cheese to name a few. We came home with a bag of jamaica, 2 kinds of cheeses, chapulines, vanilla pods, and toasted fava beans in chile powder. Want to know what else? The border line was about 30 minutes! Talk about getting in and out, but I suspect we got lucky and went on the right day or something.

There was a fairly good selection of local cheeses produced in nearby Ojos Negros.

Mercado Hidalgo: Blvd. Sánchez Taboada #9011/22010  Tijuana  Baja California, Mexico/Zona Río

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