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Prickly Pear Macarons

These bite sized gems were an experiment that turned out to be a success. Whew! As I was mentally kicking around new flavor combinations to try this was one of the more exciting as well as daunting ideas. From experience. I know things don’t always work out but sometimes, they do. To my surprise, these treats were K approved and as long as the macarons didn’t sit around in a warm room they were just fine. All of the delicate, sweet, tart prickly pear flavor came through and to my relief, none of the sliminess. That qualifies as a successful experiment in my book!

These guys were harvested from a nearby canyon that is full of tender nopales and  jewel colored prickly pears. Make sure to wear gloves and bring a paper bag along if you’re harvesting them on your own. These little suckers are prickly and it’s no fun getting splinters the size of very short hairs out of your hands.

Try your hand at macaron making with this recipe. To make the prickly pear filling, coarsely chop 1-2 prickly pears in a food processor and fold into 2 cups buttercream. Fill a disposable pastry bag (or small ziploc bag) and pipe the filling onto the flat side of one macaron and sandwich another on top. Store in a covered container in the refrigerator until ready to consume. They are even better the next day after flavors have melded. Enjoy!

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