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Grapefruit Tarragon Bitters

Being that I’ve been up to my eyeballs in mathematical equations for a science class way over my head, you’d think this was one of my experiments. Well… no, not yet at least. This one is just for fun. Lately, we’ve been experimenting with bitters by infusion.

Way back in the day the herbal essences we know as bitters were marketed as medicines and digestifs. They are still used as digestifs today, as well as cocktail flavorings doled out in very small quantities in the form of drops and dashes. A couple drops of bitters add balance and a thin veil of flavor to your favorite cocktail. Surprisingly, a few drops of bitters added to sparkling water makes for quite a refreshing, extremely low in alcohol beverage.

Homemade bitters are easy to make, although not quick. Most of the time spent is in waiting for the ingredients to infuse into the alcohol and develop desired flavors. An easy to customize recipe can be found here. Cheers!

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