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Poilâne and Ladurée


Fresh bread baked in brick ovens was a major reason we searched out Poilâne.  That, and one of us (not me) loves baking bread at home and is getting quite good at it. Let’s just call this trip “research”. Being that we could not eat an entire loaf, we opted for some slices of whole wheat. We got a few of those. Not bad. They actually made quite a good snack after a day of shopping.



So we’re doing more walking today, out and about when what do we see? Yes, it’s true. The famous Ladurée across the street! I couldn’t believe my eyes. We were not even hungry yet, in fact, I think we found this gem shortly after a proper meal too. Nevertheless, we were going in for afternoon tea.


Réligieuse Rose

This little beauty took quite a while to get. As I mentioned, we stopped in for afternoon tea. Well, we were not the only ones with the same idea. The place was packed. And, there was a line for take-away. I was willing to wait while craning my neck to get a look at the ornate baroque room. It was beautiful. Definitely worth the wait. But then a table became available upstairs and we decided to take it. Who knows, maybe upstairs would be just as gaudy as down and might even be better. Not so. It was ho-hum. To be honest, not the same experience. To make matters worse, the waitress was in a mood and not the happy kind. No matter. We were patient and didn’t give her any attitude. Back to the réligieuse. Like a cream puff filled with rose scented pastry cream and tangy raspberries inside. A nice surprise. This one was worth the wait.



My selection of macarons was less impressive. The caramel fleur de sel turned out to be the best one. The others were chocolate madagascar, praline noisette, and pomme vert. I was most looking forward to the pomme vert, but that was my biggest let down. It had a terrible artificial flavor that was not at all like green apple and it left a strange aftertaste. I drank almost all of my tea trying to get that flavor out of  my mouth. I left kind of sad about the Ladurée experience, especially since they’re known for their exceptional macarons which I did not find to be the case. Truth be told, I thought Pierre Hermé had the best tasting macarons. Oh well. At least I saved myself hundreds of dollars euros by passing on the gift boxes of macarons. I was planning on leaving with as many as I could hand carry. There’s always tomorrow and more desserts to be had.


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