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A Trip to Julian, CA

Don’t you love when things get “done”? I can now cross “visit Julian and buy apples” off my mental list. Not sure why it took so long to make the 1 hour drive up the mountain since it’s a relatively close trip from San Diego.  Eh, whatever. The important thing is we finally made it there and really enjoyed the day.

As an historical landmark in California, the town of Julian was founded after the Civil War by two cousins from Georgia, Drue Bailey and Mike Julian. Originally settled as a gold mining town after cattleman Fred Coleman found the first flecks of gold in what is now called Coleman Creek, Julian’s notoriety was built on successful apple orchards. Now, visitors make the trek up the mountain in the fall to pick apples and enjoy Julian’s famous apple pies. Being a lover of desserts, but not necessarily apple pie, it was only natural that I would be enticed by their local apples and hard cider.

See below for some of our day trip activities:

Mom’s Pies– how could anyone resist trying their pies with the sweet buttery aroma of apple pie wafting out their door? a word to the wise… you will have to wait in line but just do it because your greedy sweet tooth will thank you.

Stroll down Main Street, have lunch, dessert (pie), and shop a bit. The town is quaint and charming.

A must do- drive a few miles to Julian Hard Cider and do a tasting. On a hot day, this is a not to be missed spot serving up a tasting of ice cold hard cider. Too good. My favorite was the Black and Blue.

Stay parked in the lot in front of Julian Hard Cider and walk next door to the orchard where they sell apples by the bag and don’t forget the local honey. I came away with the avocado honey which was very dark in color. I can’t wait to try it out.

Mom’s Pies: 2119 Main Street

Julian Hard Cider: 4470 Julian Road

Apple stand: next door to Julian Hard Cider, just walk over. There is also a petting zoo and small store that sells local products onsite

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