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Pioneer Cemetery {Julian, CA}

In the spirit of Halloween and all things spooky, I decided to post the Julian cemetery separately from the previous post. Aside from apples, cider and apple pie, I was looking forward to visiting the cemetery as soon as I was sure we would be going to Julian. Truth be told, it’s the first thing I searched for when looking for interesting things to do in town. As you’ve seen here, here, here, here, here, and here. I am enamored with cemeteries. There’s no one particular reason, but I will say that I especially enjoy the tranquility as well as architectural details of tombstones and mausoleums. And, cemeteries are rarely mobbed with tourists! A bonus. Besides, we are all going to end up in one some day so why not window shop?

Back to Pioneer Cemetery. It is located right in town off Main Street and A Street. Just walk up A Street to the Farmer’s Road entrance where you will find yourself at the beginning of the casket walk. It’s a small cemetery that is the final resting place from historic Julian pioneers to grave markers from the 2000’s. Many of the older markers are just cement blocks whose inscriptions have long been destroyed by the elements. Nevertheless, it’s a nice place, nothing fancy, but just as quaint as the town of Julian. If you’re making a trip for the pie, take a walk up the hill to the cemetery and wander around a bit.

Pioneer Cemetery: A Street and Farmer Road

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