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Throw Rag at Til-Two {San Diego, CA}

The lights dim under a black tarp roof. What looks like gang of homeless misfits takes the stage and without missing a beat belt out the soundtrack for the apocolypse. Capt. Sean Wheeler dressed in a sailor girl’s outfit lays it all out and you have no choice but to be in awe.

The story is that Throw Rag formed as a band in 1993 in the Salton Sea, a place known for massive fish die offs and a stench so overpowering the entire population of people surrounding the area live in a constant state of nausea. Despite their longevity, they’ve managed to keep their sound raw and surprisingly fresh. People will sometimes say, “oh, so & so is a “musician’s musician”” well, Throw Rag is the weirdo rocker’s weirdo rocker. Visual proof is supplied here.

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