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Pâtisserie Sadaharu Aoki + stencil art

Garden at Versailles

We made the trip to Versailles and stood in line with throngs of other tourists.  I was far more impressed with the furniture, art work, and rooms here at Versailles than I was with Château Chenonceau (Amboise) and the hall of mirrors was even more extravagant than I imagined.


Afterward, we headed back to the city and to the Boutique Lafayette Gourmet. It was time to get a bite to eat and there were many choices to drool over. I got completely side tracked and instead of buying lunch, I found something far better-  Pâtisserie Sadaharu Aoki. They had brilliantly colored chocolates, macarons, and small cakes. I instantly wanted one of everything. I was also feeling experimental so I didn’t go for my all time favorite, chocolate. Instead, I chose the Bamboo which is a biscuit joconde layered with green tea cream, and chocolate ganache.


I guess we were attracted to green this day because we also got the green tea chiboust. This has a chocolate sucree shell filled with azuki bean paste and topped with the chiboust and bruleed top.


Cassis Chocolate

Later, we went to Aoki’s actual shop on Rue de Vaugirard and picked these up to enjoy later. I have to say, this cassis and chocolate joconde was every bit as good as it looks.


Chocolate Caramel

Last but not least, I did end up with some chocolate. I couldn’t resist.


Here’s some fun stencil art we saw along the way.

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