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Marshmallows: Mexican Chocolate Dipped and Spiced

In the spirit of the holidays and churning out endless sweets and treats, I decided to switch it up a bit and try something I’ve never done before… make marshmallows. I always knew they were doable in the home kitchen, but I was never a big consumer of these pillowy treats, until now. I came across this recipe and it looked good, so I gave it a try and it did not disappoint. I decided to be a bit ambitious and since I had a few nice chunks of Callebaut chocolate on hand, these marshmallows were going to get dipped and dressed up as I was already on a mission.

For the Mexican chocolate spiced sprinkles:

No exact proportions necessary, just about a handful of each, except the chiles.

Pepitas, toasted in 350 degree oven for 10-12 minutes and chopped coarsely

Cocoa nibs, unsweetened

2 T Dried Guajillo peppers, ground

2 t cinnamon, ground

Dark chocolate, melted

Place pepitas and cocoa nibs each in a separate bowl. Combine ground guajillo and cinnamon in another bowl.

Set up an assembly line with melted chocolate first, then the nibs, pepitas, and cinnamon mixture. Dip each marshmallow 1/3 of the way into chocolate. Sprinkle with nibs, pepitas, and cinnamon mixture. Place on a parchment or waxed paper lined sheet pan and let chocolate harden in a cool place (do not refrigerate). Store in an airtight container in a cool, dry place. dipped marshmallows will last up to 2 weeks but I doubt they will be around that long.

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