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Cabernet Jelly

Do you ever have leftover wine from dinners, parties, or otherwise? If so, making wine jelly is a great way to use up the excess wine (tip from thekitchn). I wouldn’t know about leftover wine since we rarely have any sitting around that long, unless it’s a ho-hum bottle. In that case, this  is the perfect recipe. It is very easy and quick to make wine jelly and now that I’m hooked, I have plans to make other varieties of this jelly as the seasons change.

I used an inexpensive Cabernet for this batch and the flavor turned out to be surprisingly good and when paired with a stilton cheese and crackers, it was all the better. You could also spread it on a baguette and sprinkle fresh ground black pepper and go to town. Either way, this jelly will impress you and your guests if you happen to bust it out with a cheese platter at your next cocktail party.

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