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52 Weeks: 2/52

Week 2’s random snaps of the everyday…

A late afternoon walk in the park and a bottle tree.

Working on a new recipe (coming soon) while Mr. B patiently waits for me to drop something good to eat.

Checking out a new brewery and taking some to-go.

The Dickies at Soda Bar- I’ve been waiting for this show since last year! As always, it was a good show although very crowded hence the poor photo.

Cleaning greens from the market. You probably already know that if greens are washed, dried, and stored in a plastic zip top bag with a dry paper towel right after bringing them home they will stay fresher longer. It works every week for me.

It’s cocktail hour! I tried a new drink with sasparilla bitters and enjoyed it very much. Cheers to trying new things.

Afternoon pick-me-up americano.

Mid morning snack and testing out a new granola recipe.

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