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Gontran Cherrier and Montmartre


On our first trip to Montmartre, after seeing the sights, we wandered around and came upon Gontran Cherrier‘s shop. What a find! I was instantly smitten with the variety of fresh baked breads (curry baguette pictured here), pastries, and sandwiches. We had lunch and returned again the next day. It was that good.

On the left is a red miso bun sprinkled with paprika, an almond tart, and a spinach and pumpkin seed bun with arugula, red onions, avocado, and cucumber. So tasty. There was also a black bun made with squid ink that looked super cool.

Space Invader mosaic
Sacre Coeur

Look familiar? If you’ve seen the movie Amélie, you’ve seen Sacré Coeur. It’s massive and a good walk straight up (if you take the stairs to the left). Otherwise, you can do like we did and walk up the front stairs and stop on the benches to sit, people watch, and catch your breath before ascending to the top.

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