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Blood Orange and Campari Sorbet

This weekend was unseasonably hot. There was only one way to celebrate summer in the winter and that involved making use of seasonal fruits. Since we’re celebrating, I added a splash of Campari to this sorbet.  I absolutely love the jewel tone color of the blood orange’s flesh. It’s like a mini surprise when I slice into the first blood oranges of the season. Not all of the skins have the tell tale red speckles and these can be very unassuming. When I cut into one it’s crimson juice and pulpy interior are a definite mood lifter for me. It’s been ages since I last made sorbet and I craved the smooth and creamy kind but forgot how to achieve that texture. While searching around online, I came across this site and loved how simple and straightforward it was. And, oh yeah! Now I remember the egg trick after reading that refresher. It really works. I enjoyed the process of making sorbet so much that I see much more sorbet in my future.

Blood Orange Sorbet:

3 cups fresh squeezed blood orange juice

1 3/4 cups simple syrup (1:1 ratio)

2 T Campari

1 fresh egg, scrubbed clean

Put the juice into a narrow container. You want something more tall than wide since you need the egg to sink to the bottom and have enough liquid to cover it.

Gently place the egg into the juice. It should sink to the bottom.

Slowly pour the simple syrup into the juice. Stop every so often. When part of the egg starts to float above the surface of the juice, slow down until the surface area of the egg above the juice is the size of a quarter. This is when you know there is enough sugar in the mixture to yield a smooth sorbet. It’s the sugar that contributes the most to a smooth texture.

Spin in an ice cream machine according to manufacture directions. Mine took approximately 20 minutes.

Transfer sorbet mixture into a chilled container and freeze until the desired texture is achieved. Typically, a couple of hours will firm it up enough.

*The great thing about sorbet mix is you can thaw it out in the fridge and spin it again to get a softer texture is desired.

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