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Tomatillo Salsa with Pepitas

IMG_5232_edited-1Salsa is one of those condiments that when you learn the bare bones basics and have a generally decent sense of taste, can be so versatile and suited to any flavor profile and personal taste. This is how I usually cook (unless I’m baking then it’s a lock-step follow the directions with exact measurements). I tend to do what feels natural, add seasonings and spices as I see fit and taste along the way adjusting for whatever is missing. This is my usual routine but for this recipe I made sure to measure and test to make it foolproof. No matter, you can always add or delete ingredients and probably come out with a tasty batch of salsa. Let’s get to it:

IMG_5219_edited-1 IMG_5225_edited-1 IMG_5228_edited-1  IMG_5247_edited-1 IMG_5251_edited-1Tomatillo Salsa with Pepitas:

14 tomatillos, husked and scrubbed

6 cloves of garlic in their skins

2 jalapenos, whole

2 tsp salt

Juice of 1/2 lemon

1/4 cup toasted pepitas (pumpkin seeds)

Blacken the tomatillos, garlic, and jalapenos in a dry skillet over medium-high heat. When the skins of all are blackened and soft, remove from the skillet and place on a platter. Remove and discard the skins from the garlic.

Place 4 tomatillos, both jalapenos (stems removed) and all of the garlic and salt in the blender. Blend until smooth. You may need to add a couple tablespoons of water if the mixture is too thick.

Once this is all pureed, add the rest of the tomatillos, lemon juice, and pepitas. Process until smooth. Adjust and add more salt as needed.

Enjoy with tostadas or corn chips of your choice.

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