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52 Weeks: 4/52

A peek at a bit of my week:

IMG_2575_edited-1Getting out and about on a late afternoon bike ride down the juniper dip.

IMG_2576_edited-1 This ride turned into a mini adventure down a dirt path we’ve never been down leading to someplace we’ve never been… Just glad my tires didn’t pop!

IMG_2579_edited-1Bourbon and fried olives at a neighborhood spot. Yum.

IMG_2580_edited-1Washing my stone ground grits for dinner.

IMG_2583_edited-1 K’s spectacular olive cheese bread again. This is seriously good stuff.

IMG_2589_edited-1Late morning hike at a new to us spot in search of the “waterfall” that was more of a cascade.

IMG_2590_edited-1See? All the people are not visible, but this place was a bit mobbed that’s why you don’t see the actual waterfall. I thought this angle was more serene without the clutter of folks and bicycles but I did appreciate that dogs are allowed. As they should be.

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