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Red Cabbage Slaw


This is no ordinary cabbage slaw. Looks can be deceiving and you’re probably thinking this looks pretty boring. I can’t blame you. It’ not all tarted up with garnishes and it doesn’t have a lot of texture going on. I get it. But! What you can’t tell from the photo is just how good this slaw is! You just have to taste it to believe it. Trust me. I can’t believe I’m trying to convince you to try this. Maybe it’s just me and I’m living off the memories associated with this particular slaw but I doubt it.

When we were kids, our family didn’t go out to eat very often. My mom was a great cook but even she needed a break once in a while. It was a rare occasion when we dined at North Woods Inn, like a birthday or something worth celebrating, that kind of rare. At first, I looked forward to going because of the bowls of peanuts they gave to customers and how we could be messy and it was OK to throw the shells on the floor! This would never in a bajillion years be ok to do at home. Never. So it was loads of fun. I also looked forward to sipping a Shirley Temple while the adults had real cocktails. What did I know back then. Obviously, I was missing out and maybe those Shirley Temples were my gateway drink into loving real grown up cocktails which I do appreciate on any occasion. Peanut shells and Shirley Temples aside, my hands down favorite was the salads and cheese bread. I didn’t care about an entree. My mom would order me the chicken plate, but honestly I couldn’t tell you how it was. I didn’t care. As long as I had the red cabbage slaw and  blue cheese iceberg salads with sourdough cheese bread I was happy.


It’s now too many years later than I care to admit, and there is no North Woods Inn restaurant near me. One day K surprised me with a NWI tub of cheese spread from the local big chain market and I’ll never forget how happy I was! So began the quest to make a similar version of the red cabbage slaw. I tried off and on until I came upon this recipe and let me say, it’s almost as good as I remember.

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