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52 Weeks: 14/52

This week went by quick which is always a good sign, but then the weekend speeds by even faster. Here’s what I was up to:


The view from Cowell’s Mountain is spectacular. We took a late afternoon walk up here for the first time. It was quite a trek all the way up but well worth it.


Gelato on a warm day although I wanted sorbet.


Happy to see my mint plant is making a comeback!


Balboa Park at night during a mid-week date night.


Swiss chard and carrots from the farmer’s market.


Tried a new food truck and I’ll just say the tacos were so good they certainly give my standby local favorite a run for their money. I can’t stop thinking of what I’ll order next time and when will that next time be? Tomorrow?


It’s nice that we have a local place to pick up fresh beer but then again, here in San Diego you can’t throw a stone without hitting a craft brewery. The best part? The beer is outstanding of course!


This greets you when you finish your $2 sake to-go cup. Say hello to the demon within. Bwaaaahahaha!

Hope you all had a great weekend!

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