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52 Weeks: 15/52

Hello again! This week was filled with a few more exciting days than the last. After all, change is welcome and more fun is encouraged around here. So, let’s have at it:


Spending some time across the border. No trip is complete without a fresh bag of churros.


Piping hot and soon to be devoured before the bag becomes translucent from grease.


What a nice surprise. A box of chocolates delivered especially for me! The insert recommends that the chocolates be consumed within a couple of weeks. So not a problem. In fact, since I have so little self control, they could be gone in days.


Salsa bar where we enjoyed some seafood tacos while visiting Tijuana. They were so tasty we will definitely be back to try others here.


While we are in TJ, why not stop by the Baja Craft Beer tasting room? Tons of craft beer to choose from and many from Baja. Excellent!


If you know me, any chance I get when I’m away from home I head to the local market. In this case it was the Soriana to look for salsa that we don’t have at home. Unfortunately, pickings were slim but check out the cookies.


After all that indulgence, I’m on a steady diet of mandarines for the rest of the week.


Being that’s it’s now the end of another week, why not celebrate? Cheers to a weekend full of non-stop adventure!

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