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52 Weeks: 16/52

Hi there! This week was especially jam-packed with more busy work than ever, mostly just getting stuff done in preparation for much deserved time off. There was far more indoor time than outdoor exploration but it was all good:


It was a nice day to grab a drink at the local bar that’s got a nice indoor/outdoor set up.


I finally go to see the Toy Dolls show in LA!!! Major exclamation point. This show was so fantastic I can’t believe it took me this long to see them. They sound even better live than on the records/cds/ipod and whatever else. Since the show, I’ve been listening to the records non-stop.


I tried to take my camera in, but was denied. Sad face, so many rules at this venue. Not to be deterred, I am fairly pleased with these camera phone photos of which I have a ton of.


Finally getting a manicure and now for the important decision of the day… what color to choose?


And we’re outta here! I am going to try to post photos as the days go by. So far, that’s the plan but we shall see as it’s vacation and all… Stay tuned for next week’s 52 Weeks series cause it’s going to be much more better. 

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