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52 Weeks: 17/52

After planes, trains, and automobiles, we’ve finally arrived in Spain. It was a long flight and after that, another lengthy train ride to arrive in San Sebastian. Here’s what we’ve been up to:


At the Frankfurt airport waiting to hop on the final flight to Barcelona. Breakfast is going to be one of these pretzels.


It was about noon when we arrived in Barcelona. After dropping the luggage off at the hotel, we took a stroll around town.


Bike rentals are definitely on the list of to-dos.


There is ornate design and architecture everywhere you look. Inspiration is everywhere in this city.


We took the train to San Sebastian the very next day at the crack of dawn. It’s been raining here almost daily.


Afternoon coffee and planning which places to hit up for pintxos because in this town, eating is an event.


This town is so green- lots of plants, grass, and tons of trees full of  leaves stretching out over the streets.  I love the moss and ferns growing out of this wall.


After our food coma lunch, it was time to perk up and get some energy for the long walk back to the other side of town.


This is just one of the many fancy doors in town. Imagine living here?

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