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52 Weeks; 18/52 Barcelona

This week was split between leaving San Sebastian and arriving in Barcelona. I decided to keep the weekly snaps to just Barcelona; here are some random shots along the way:


Sagrada Familia is still in the works as it has been since 1882. The anticipated finish date is 2028 but there is quite a long way to go.


Plaza Catalunya.


A lot of the housing looks like this. Lots of balconies, some with an abundance of greenery, some with laundry drying, and others with folks hanging out people watching.



Colorful graffiti.


There was an entire collection of these paper mache looking body parts strung across a building.


These plaques are found all over the streets- denoting historical significance?


I like the narrow streets and balconies overflowing with plants. The lot of people? Not so much.


Metamorphosis exhibit at the CCCB¬†was out of this world! Centered around exploration of dreams/nightmares/fantasy through film and art was truly an unexpected surprise we were lucky enough to stumbled upon. If you’re in Barcelona or are planning to visit this month, do go and see it it’s time well spent.

More to come next week…

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