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52 Weeks: 19/52

We began the week in Barcelona spending our last couple of days wandering the streets and taking in the sights before getting on the plane ride from hell en route home. Then, it was all about jet lag and just barely making it through the remainder of the week… at work. Painful, but looking back at all the photos takes me back to my happy place. Here it is:


Colorful street art- the neon yellow eye makes mr. piggy pop.


A worthwhile trip out to Colonia Guell to see Gaudi’s unfinished church; this is the crypt, the only structure completed (more coming in a future post).


Roaming the streets we find all sorts of interesting details like this bat above the door. How can I get one?


Back in Barcelona admiring the art nouveau buildings- there are so many! Check out the first floor windows and ornate doorway.


In this trendy city, you’ll never guess what they are into… American breakfasts and brunch! Here we are having a white wine and salad at a cute cafe called Brunch and Cake where most of the menu is breakfast items and they are super busy for this meal of the day.


Always look up when walking around the streets, you never know what interesting art installation you may find.


Back home and happy it’s the weekend once again. Cheers to relaxing and catching up on sleep.


We returned home to find the olallieberry bushed full of fruit and check out this ripe one! Summer is going to be filled with fruit pies, sorbet, and berry topped everything. Unless, the chickens get to them first which is entirely possible.


We played tourist in town today and went to check out the Maritime Museum, a collection of ships and a submarine in the harbor. Indeed, a fun trip as it was also a beautiful San Diego day.

Hope you all are having a spectacular weekend! Happy Mother’s Day!

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