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Grilled Fish and Quinoa Salad

The garden is abundant with herbs of all kinds right now. Among my favorite and most versatile is the lemon thyme. With a handful of this fresh lemon scented herb and ripe lemons, we decided to pair it with fresh fish. Grilling is ideal not only for the excellent flavor, but also  for making a quick dinner without the mess in the kitchen. We stuffed the fish with the above ingredients, drizzled olive oil,  and seasoned with sea salt and fresh ground black pepper. Keeping seasonings simple really highlights the natural flavor of delicate seafood.

A flavorful accompaniment to the fish was a grain salad composed of farmer’s market vegetables, both red and white quinoa and wild rice. Cook quinoa in a rice cooker and the rice in a skillet. Let cool to room temperature. I added shaved black radish, red and yellow carrots, and garlic (from the garden). A squeeze of lemon juice, drizzle of avocado oil, sprinkling of salt, and a twist of black pepper and it’s ready to go. This salad is even better eaten cold the next day.

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