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52 Weeks: 21/52 Florida

Hi there! This last week was spent in and around Orlando. It’s really green and swampy here where the high humidity had us running indoors for some air-conditioned relief. Waking up bright and early allowed us to get in some outdoor activities before it got too hot.


Spanish moss covered trees are everywhere and I love it. I just wish I could stuff my suitcase with a bunch of moss and take it all home.


We were walking the hotel grounds and spotted this guy hanging out. He’s kinda cute and looks like he has a personality, right?


Cheers! It’s time to relax.


We took an evening stroll at sunset and it was nice and quiet.


Zeppole! Dinner was good, but dessert stole the show. These were very large and there were about 6. I could have easily devoured most, but we saved a few for breakfast the next morning. They taste great with coffee.


Endless lily pads and water lilies in the everglades.


This was one hungry squirrel. He chewed part of the straw bag looking for a way in.


Arepas for lunch. My favorite is the domino (black beans and cheese) with lots of hot sauce. A complete treat since I have yet to find arepas at home.


Admiring the living wall filled with ferns and bromeliads. I’d love to install one of these in the backyard.


Airstream Ranch off of Interstate 4 in Tampa. How cool and unusual is that? Some love it and others hate it, but it sure does make you look twice when whizzing by on the freeway.


The sign says it all. There could also be snakes in the grass but  I’m not sticking around to find out.

Wishing you all a Happy Memorial Day; may your day be filled with BBQ’s and beers!

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