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52 Weeks: 28/52

I skipped a week but now I’m back! This week I’m sharing snaps from the LA trip:


Passing by the first In-N-Out in Baldwin Park en route to a midnight snack.


It takes forever to get anywhere no matter the time of day but this day wasn’t too bad. We’re not stopped bumper to bumper…yet.


View of downtown from the Getty Center.


We went for the James Ensor exhibit and were blown away! It was fantastic, eye- opening.


The grounds at the Getty Center are beautifully landscaped.


Love the patio lights at night.


Indulging in macarons for K’s b-day. The salted caramel ones were a hit. Rose flavor, not so much with this crowd.


Pretty much any night after going out in LA ends with a trip to King Taco.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

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