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52 Weeks: 31/52

I spent this week preparing for the next partly in an effort to get ahead and partly to keep myself on track. Once the weekend comes around, it’s easy for me to get distracted and put the mundane things off until the vary last minute. Not this time. I was efficient and got most of the to-do list checked off. Here’s what I was up to:


This horse and buggy sign caught my eye while we were driving.


Summer’s bounty at the farmer’s market.


I really like these black tomatoes, so pretty.


Space Invader art. I saw this a year ago and finally got around to snapping a photo of it.


San Diego’s first open-air fish market was a smashing success, but not for me. By the time we arrived, this was the line and I doubt there would have been anything left to buy with only three tents of fresh seafood and a hoard of eager shoppers.


A calm day in the harbor. I like the overcast skies, but not the humidity.


Prepping the grill for fish and vegetables. I see a cold glass of white wine in my near future.

Cheers to another fabulous weekend. I hope you’re having a great one!

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