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52 Weeks: 34/52

Hey hey! It’s been a great week in Hawaii exploring new places and revisiting oldies while reconnecting with friends and family. The week was jam packed and lots of fun. Here’s a peek at some offbeat stuff:


There are few things better than fresh picked wild fruit. At the moment, I can’t think of anything sweeter than guavas from the tree in the middle of nowhere.


Sunset from Top of Waikiki.


North Shore tourist must-do: Matsumoto’s Shave Ice. Umm… quality is slipping and not as good as back in the day, but it’s the only game in town.


Trespassing to photo abandoned buildings. Always fascinating.



We braved the shrimp truck and didn’t die. Would you risk it at a truck that looks like this?!? Normally, the answer is a resounding “no” but it was somewhat reassuring that turnover was high.


Huge banyan tree on the way to find some ruins.


Super hot chiles. Small but mighty. These tiny peppers pack a punch to the mouth and a burn to the gut but they’re good.

Hope you all are having a smashing week!

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