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52 Weeks: 37/52

And so the heat wave continues… Where can I transport myself to where the temps are around 60- 70 degrees? I am so ready for fall weather to take hold. This week trudged on as slow as molasses and I blame the excessive heat. On the flip side, warm weather prevents me from over eating and zaps the appetite so maybe there is a plus in here somewhere?


Coffee + waffles + paper= relaxing breakfast.


Making a bunch of waffles and stashing them away for the week. Having a break from toast is a welcome change.


This full moon was large and low but you can’t tell from this photo.


Trying out a new restaurant for tsukemen (dipping noodles). I’ll definitely be back.


I dread turning on the stove but these noodles are not going to boil themselves.


A day at the theatre to escape the heat. Ahhhhh, air condition. I could stay all day and night.

Stay cool and enjoy the last bit of weekend. See you here tomorrow!

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