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Nanzan Giro Giro


Tucked away in a miniscule strip off of busy Kapiolani Boulevard, there is a gem of a restaurant hidden in plain sight. Locals pass it on their way to run errands, some peer into the windows in daytime, others drive by without noticing there is even a restaurant on this unremarkable corner. At dinnertime, this spot transforms from drab outside to fab inside. It’s sleek, well lit interior is spare and minimal. There is little to distract the diner from the carefully prepared courses presented on delicate pottery. Except, maybe the spotless kitchen and well orchestrated plating in full view.

Each month, a new menu is created and another unique seven course dinner is presented. Below are four of the seven, plus dessert. The courses are fixed and each comes as a surprise, as there is no printed menu. You’re flying blind, but just trust the process and open yourself up to new flavors, textures, and preparations. It’s an adventure, go for it.







Nanzan Giro Giro: 560 Pensacola Street/Honolulu, HI

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