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Things that are Green

Lately, it’s been feeling a lot like summer around here. Not only are the days warmer, but they are longer which means more BBQ’s and really good fruits and vegetables growing in our garden. This is the first year we grew garlic and I know we will be planting it again and again. Market garlic, even the organically grown garlic can’t compare to the flavor you get when you grow your own. The best part is, it’s so easy.


The little plastic stick with the description of this melon is long gone. I think it’s supposed to be a white melon. We’ll see… This is also the first year we are trying melons. So far, so good. Hopefully it will be juicy and sweet.

San Marzano Tomatoes

I am most excited about these fledgling San Marzano tomatoes. Each time I go outside, I check up on their progress hoping to see some red coming in. No such luck yet, but it’s also still early. As soon as they are ripe, I need to pluck them or else the chickens will make a snack out of them. The ladies already got to a ripe heirloom tomato sitting low on one of the vines. They’re fast and they do know what’s good.

Shishito Peppers

This is the first year the peppers are doing well. We’ve harvested quite a few already and each time we look, there is always an abundance ready to be harvested.


Cilantro Flowers

These cilantro flowers are so pretty and delicate. They taste surprisingly good and instantly dress up a salad or tapas. If you have an abundance of them as we did, the flowers and stems also look great in a small vase or votive and will last for more than a week.


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