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52 Weeks: 40/52

Fall is here but it still feels like summer. I’m very much looking forward to cooler weather although we have yet to see any. The web is brimming with all kinds of pumpkin spice lattes, baked goods and what have you but I just can’t go there yet, not when it’s still 80+ degrees out. For now, it’s eternal summer.


Part of a larger mural in Barrio Logan. I especially like the tile part.


This busted donkey head was abandoned on a curb, but I guess somebody decided to take it because it was gone the next day.


Preparing to make sugar skulls.


Somen noodles for lunch.


Torta with super spicy chile tepin salsa.


Watermelon snack cause we’re trying to stay healthy.


Glitter for an upcoming project and little “H”. He is not as dazzled by glitter as I am. However, a sock will have him jumping for joy.

Happy weekend!


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