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52 Weeks: 41/52

It’s always good to have something to look forward to, right? My friend calls it the “happy thought”, a place one can revert to when the week is dragging or when you have a bad day. Well, we had plans to head to Baja this past week so that was my happy thought that made the hum-drum week go by faster.


Lunch in Valle de Guadalupe. We pretty much ordered one of each and enjoyed quite a buffet between us all.


In Tijuana, trying to escape to madness.


Pitaya! My first time eating the red one. I had the black and white one in Mexico City, but this one was good too.


Too cute.


Dipping noodles, satisfying and delicious.


Japanese fried chicken.


Coffee and scones to start the day.

Here’s to another good week ahead and hopefully it’s a quick one!

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