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The Strange and Unusual


It’s that time again. Time for pumpkins, goblins, and ghouls. I like Halloween for the creative costumes, candy, decorations, but most of all, I love the creep factor. I’m drawn to it like a moth to a flame. I can’t resist a good ghost story, a tour of historic houses with stories of hauntings and strange goings-ons, and old graveyards with tombstones and mausoleums. The older, the better.

In the spirit of Halloween and my fascination with the strange, here’s a roundup of some of the interesting and worthwhile creepy places I’ve visited, some more than once.

La Isla de Las Munecas

Xochimilco/Mexico City

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No trip to Mexico City is complete without a visit to Xochimilco (for me). I always insist on a visit to this lake and an even further excursion via trajinera out to the remote chinampa of Don Julian. Obviously, it’s the hanging baby dolls, doll parts, and hallowed out eyes of heads that are the main draw here as they seem to have multiplied in recent years. The shack is where you’ll find the oldest and creepiest ones.


 Castillo Torre Salvana

Colonia Guell/Santa Coloma de Cervelló

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We spotted this castle from a distance and decided to do some trespassing. It’s magnificent from the outside, but inside is where you’ll get the chills. It’s downright dilapidated, but what can one expect afterall, it dates from 992. That’s 992, folks! Among many claims of paranormal activity, the scariest of all is the claim that it has a portal to hell.


Sorrell Weed House

6 W Harris Street/Savannah, GA/ 31401

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Wealthy plantation owner, infidelity, suicide, and grisly deaths… the Sorrell Weed House has all the elements of a tragic story. The midnight ghost tour further entices morbid curiosities with all the trappings of a spooky haunting and the possibility of experiencing hair-raising paranormal activity for yourself. If you dare…


Basilica Sants Just i Pastor

Pl Sant Just, 6/ Barri Gòtic/Barcelona

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This is the church to visit if you want to view a nightmarish altar of unfortunate souls aglow in the pit of hell. Actually, this gothic church is a marvel of its own and quite eerie if you’re the only one in there. Don’t miss the skulls etched into the floor that also serve as headstones.


Hotel Connor

164 Main Street/Jerome, AZ

Whispers in the night, cold sensations, doors opening by themselves, and laughter coming from empty rooms are just a few of the ghostly reports associated with rooms in this hotel. Located in the ghost town of Jerome, Arizona, the Connor Hotel and Spirit Room was built during the mining heyday only to suffer repeated destruction from fire and eventual abandonment after the decline in mining. Luckily, the hotel was reopened and once again hosts visitors of this historic town.


 House of the Devil

Calle Josep Torres 20/Barcelona

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Who wants to sell their soul to the devil in exchange for a profitable business? Augustin Atzerias, that’s who. As one might guess, shortly after making a pact with the devil, Mr. Atzerias hit it big with a winning lottery ticket and held up his end of the bargain. To show his undying loyalty, Mr. Atzerias went about decorating his palatial home with ghoulish demon heads much to the chagrin of his neighbors. As if the terrifying heads were not enough, there were also murals depicting hell on the facade that have long since been destroyed and covered up.


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