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52 Weeks: 43/52

Oh, it was a busy week this time around. Not only did we get a lot of mundane stuff checked off the “to- do” list but we also went camping!


“Are there any showers? How about running water?” This is my response when I get asked about going camping. I’m good for a day, that’s 1 day¬†without a shower and I will be counting down the hours until it’s time to come home and take a hot shower and free myself from the dust and grime. Since there are long stretches between camping trips, each time is like starting new again for me. Meaning, I need to be eased in, starting with an overnight.

We went to Paso Picacho near Julian for my first camping trip in I don’t remember how many years. I am happy to report that there are hot showers, clean restrooms, and the car parking is right next to each camp site. We were off to a good start.


Catching moths while keeping mosquitos away.


I can sometimes be convinced to camp if there are marshmallows involved. I like mine charred.


Early morning walk up Stonewall Peak. It looks a lot bigger in real life. Thankfully it was very early in the morning and the trail was mostly shaded.


We saw a lot of manzanita and these gnarled trees with white bark.


Success! Made it to the summit and this nice panorama view was rewarding and so was a few minutes’ rest before my favorite part… downhill!

I have to say, this turned out to be a nice quick trip and I can add it to my mental list of acceptable camp sites which I would return to. Maybe next time it can be stretched for 2 days, but let’s not rush it just yet.

Hope you’re weekend was great.

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