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52 Weeks: 46/52

How was you weekend? Hope it was a good one. We spent it working on the house and doing chores, nothing special but all stuff that needed to get done. As you’ll see here, photos of the week have been sparse and that’s because there’s been a lot of non-exciting activity going on but I’m hoping to change that soon.


One of the best kitchen appliances is my slow cooker. Since summer, I’ve been making beans in the slow cooker and it’s changed everything. Not only is it hands off, but it’s a set-it-and-forget-it situation that doesn’t make the kitchen hot and humid. A win-win for us.


Cheers! I learned the hard way, unfiltered sake is not my favorite. It’s sweet and that is not a flavor I enjoy in my sake. I’ll take it dry any day, thank you very much.

Happy weekend!

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