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Saguaro National Park


Saguaro National Park

Tucson, AZ/website

Drive a few miles out of town and you will find yourself in a National Park. I was surprised at how close and accessible Saguaro National Park (West)  was to our location. One morning, we woke up early and hustled it down to the park so we could take advantage of cooler temperature, morning light, and see more with less people around. It was fantastically quiet and peaceful. Each spot where my eye landed were saguaros of all sizes in various states of growth, decomposition, and every stage in between. There are some really tall ones with picture perfect arms and others with twisted, gnarled limbs. It’s almost as if they have personalities. Strange, I know. Something else I realized was that there is quite a variety of color among the desert plants and landscape. It just requires a closer look, color is hiding in the details.








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