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Mission San Xavier del Bac


Mission Xavier del Bac/ 1950 West San Xavier Road/Tucson, AZ


Last month, during our visit to Tucson after all the antiquing and eating far too much, we made a stop at Mission San Xavier del Bac . Initially, I was lured by the promise of fry bread sold right outside the mission. Although I was thoroughly stuffed from lunch, I was willing to force feed myself to get a taste of that sweet fry bread. If only. Once we arrived, all of my will to eat was diminished by the oppressive heat, searing sunshine beating down and an infestation of wasps! To make matters worse, sticky honey from the bread was dripping from the trash cans which were obviously buzzing too.


Being from California, I remember completing the required “mission project” that consisted of constructing a model, researching an assigned mission, and then presenting it to the class. I had my sights set on the beautiful San Juan Capistrano but as luck would have it, I got stuck with a smaller, lesser known mission which I absolutely cannot remember. That’s fine, because the one thing I got out of the project was a love for the interiors and art work they contained.


After that monster project was completed, the grand finale was a walk through to view each student’s model where all of the missions were represented. I immediately went home and talked my folks into touring a couple of the missions within driving distance. As nerdy as it was at the time, I guess some of that fascination stuck with me and I continue to visit missions whenever we are near. This last trip to Tucson was no exception.


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