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52 Weeks: 49/52

It was so nice to finally get some much needed rain this past week. I always love how clean the streets look and how refreshed my plants appear after a good rain. This was another busy week but we did get some time to enjoy a productive weekend.


I discovered these “grave site” markers sprinkled around the sidewalk near an old cemetery in Old Town. Sometimes it pays to look at the ground while walking. You never know what interesting things other than trash you may find.


Trying to eat healthy after the Thanbsgoiving gorge fest.


Working on a recipe I’ve been meaning to try for more than a year… I’ll share it this week.


Breakfast of refried beans, home fries, roasted tomato, tomatillo salsa and a sprinkle of queso fresco. Delicious!

I hope you had a nice week and an even better weekend!

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