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52 Weeks: 50-52

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this year flew by. It was a busy one and I’ve jumbled the final weeks together here in this very thin post. I guess that’s what happens when things are going a million miles an hour and I don’t stop to snap anything and before I know, the week is over. Here it is:


Satsuma tangerines are a favorite of mine. I love the thick skins that are so easy to peel. Been eating citrus like crazy over here. You know, to ward off the germs in hopes we will not get sick this year… wishful thinking, I know. But, every little bit helps.


Rainbow after light showers.


Apple tarts which you’ve likely seen in last week’s post. I made two separate batches for visiting guests. This dessert is a guaranteed winner- easy to prepare if you have the ingredients and mostly hands off so you can still chit chat with your guests and not be bogged down in ther kitchen all night.


Christmas gift for the dogs. This is what happens to their stuffed toys. Destroyed in less than an hour. They go for eyes and butts. Watch out!


This is how it happens.


A new dessert I will share this week.

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and are relaxing with a steaming mug of hot chocolate near the fireplace. Cheers!

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