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Crêpes with Salted Butter Caramel Sauce


Crêpes are somewhat of a special occasion treat for us. While simple and easy to make, I just don’t find myself mixing up crêpe batter very often despite the fact that I absolutely love them. Perhaps it’s because my recipe takes some planning as it needs to rest overnight and I am usually spur of the moment when it comes to dessert. Although a once a year indulgence, I am hoping to work them into the rotation more often.  I had salted caramel sauce leftover from this recipe and rather than eat the caramel straight off the spoon,  I decided to pair it with these crêpes. A fantastic choice indeed, we ate them for dessert and then again for breakfast the following morning.



Here’s a similar recipe that does not require overnight resting time. Salted caramel recipe here.

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