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San Diego Zoo Safari Park

I know. This is kinda weird. But hey. It’s this random stuff that keeps me amused. Playing tourist is cool. I should do it more often. This day was spent at San Diego’s Zoo Safari Park and the weather was excellent. A word of advice…it definitely gets warm there so don’t don’t don’t go in the dead of summer because it’s blazing hot and miserable. Going in the middle of the week or anytime that’s not a weekend will definitely increase your fun and it will be a lot more leisurely. Mobs of people taking indiscriminate pictures and listening to¬† screaming children don’t make for a happy time. Actually, the indiscriminate picture taking does make me laugh.

If you do go, there are a handful of awesome things to see and do. Here’s what I almost always try to see:

1. Feed the lorikeets. Don’t wear fancy clothes. You will likely get pooped on. If you do, there’s a hand washing station at the exit, so no big thing.

2. Check out the baby elephants. If you’re lucky, you’ll catch them playing in the watering hole.

3. Meerkats!Need I say more?

4. Daily cheetah run (new). See below. Totally cool. Don’t cheap out. Buy the $10 viewing pass if you want to be closer and not have peeps hovering over you. Completely worth it.

Lastly, definitely ride the tram. Your feet will thank you. Plus, it affords great picture taking opportunities and much needed relaxation.

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