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Crystal Cave and Trees of Sequoia


A day after we made it back down the mountain from this  Pear Lake excursion and after a good night’s sleep, we returned to the park for a tour of Crystal Cave. I was really looking forward to this for two reasons: 1. checking out caves is exciting and 2. it would be nice and cool inside, chilly even. The group was large (50 people) and the cave was massive. There was more than enough room for everyone with plenty of space to spare. The downside was there were far too many people to be able to enjoy the tour and getting photos without heads and random strangers in the background proved to be challenging but worth it.

Once inside, this subterranian world will take your breath away. To start, this marble cave has streams meandering throughout it’s rooms and glistening walls of polished rock. If you’re lucky, you might see a newt or two in the stream.There are also stalactites suspended from the ceiling and stalagmites stacked up from the ground and are a true site to see. There is so much texture and natural ornate decor that could only be shaped slowly by time. This is a place that you must see for yourself since the photos don’t even come close to showing a fraction of what it has to offer.



After the cave tour we headed to another part of the park to see the magnificent sequoias. There was more walking but this time on a path all the way down to the General Sherman Tree. Along the way we passed numerous other huge trees and meandering walking routes. You could spend almost a whole day down there climbing up and down the hills and around the trees, like an ant. Consider yourself warned, this is selfie stick land so you’ll be dodging those all the way down.



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