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Mission San Juan Capistrano

I’ve been wanting to take a day trip to San Juan Capistrano for quite some time.  We just never got around to doing so. There was always something else that had to be done- until recently. We finally had a now or never reason to visit and surprise, it had to be that particular weekend because the mission had their historical treasures on temporary exhibit which was ending. Not wanting to miss this one, I suggested rather late in the morning/afternoon that we try to make it to SJC before closing.

We were lucky because traffic was light and we arrived with plenty of time to take a leisurely stroll through the grounds and then view the exhibit. Although this is not the time of year the swallows arrive, we could still see their mud nests under the eves.

I also enjoyed the vegetable garden. They were growing beans, corn, peppers, and a handful of other veggies. I wish my garden looked this pretty.

The courtyard was larger then I remembered and so beautiful. It would be perfect for a summer party which was exactly what they were setting up for later in the evening.

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