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Happy Friday {dark chocolate candy bars}


It’s been another long week and I’m really looking forward to the weekend. As Halloween approaches, I’m also eating so much more candy than usual. It doesn’t help that there is a bowl of miniature chocolates and a jar of M&M’s handy and within eyesight from the couch. Halloween better get here with a quickness before I eat up all that candy!


I discovered these miniature DARK CHOCOLATE Kit Kats at a Japanese supermarket not too long ago. I love them! Kit Kats remind me of Rome and the train station vending machines. I would always buy the regular Kit Kats and they always hit the spot. Until one day… I guess I had one too many and they completely lost their appeal. I pass them in the market without so much as a glance over, but these dark chocolate ones have renewed my love for this candy, only these are better.

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1 thought on “Happy Friday {dark chocolate candy bars}”

  • l think KitKats have very good chocolate for a candy bar, in fact some of the best. I’ve never seen the dark chocolate ones, I’ll have to look