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Pan Fried Mochi

What do you eat when craving a delicious snack? Sometimes cookies, cake, or generally anything chocolate will do. Not this time. Once in a while, when I want something on the  salty side, I turn to pan fried mochi. This satisfies the craving and is so delicious, sometimes I even have it for breakfast instead of the usual yogurt, fruit, or waffles.

Get some mochi, prepackaged like above, or fresh. Put a couple of pieces of seaweed aside, 1 for each piece of mochi.

Heat a non-stick saute pan with olive oil and place mochi inside. Cook uncovered on low heat for approximately 15 minutes.

When mochi are golden brown and puffed up, flip over and continue cooking on low heat. When both sides are golden, pour in about 2 tsp of shoyu and let sizzle and thicken. At this point, mochi will deflate a bit, that’s ok. Remove and place  each on top of seaweed and dust with ume salt and togarashi.

Wrap and enjoy!

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