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Let’s Go {Half Moon Bay and Pescadero, CA}

One of the places I love most in HMB is the Flying Fish Grill. They have delicious fish tacos (fried cod) and the best crab cocktail. The last time we were there, they were in their original location next to the seafood shop. This time, FF has a new location across the street that is much larger and a bit nicer. Back to what’s important- the food is still just as good and we left very satisfied. If you go, be sure to order the crab cocktail, crabby cheesy bread, grande cod tacos (get 2!), and a beer to wash all the goodness down.

After an indulgent lunch, we headed to Harley Farms in Pescadero to visit the farm and pick up some goat cheese. The farm has a cute store above where you can sample and purchase fresh goat cheese and goat’s milk soaps. My favorite part about this trip was petting the goats. They were super friendly and very curious. The buck was something else. As soon as he approached us, I recognized his scent- he smelled just like fresh chevre!

  I could have stayed here all day and definitely look forward to returning!

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