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SF Bay Area: Adventures in Eating {La Costanera Restaurant- Montara, CA}

Over lunch at the Flying Fish, we started talking about dinner plans and La Costanera Restaurant. I already had a place in mind for which I had been craving and missing for far too long. It was a toss up since we had only one night and two excellent choices- what to do? As much as I love Peruvian food and wanted to try La Costanera, I really had a taste for authentic Spanish tapas and would have felt cheated if LC tuned out to be a disappointment and I missed out on an old favorite. On the other hand, they did earn a Michelin star and that made me want to try it and compare it to other places we’ve been to. Decisions, decisions. After some deliberation, we decided to have dinner at LC and lunch at our favorite Spanish restaurant. Whew! That was settled and everyone was happy.

Dinner at LC turned out to be a good experience, we had a nice time, and got to try a handful of small plates.The chicharron was tasty, but my favorite was the yuca fries with huancaina sauce. Although I wasn’t crazy about the empanada and the dusting of powdered sugar, the choclo filling was very good- spicy! We were delighted to have chicha morada, although it wasn’t on the menu, but we were able to order it and it brought back memories of our time in Lima, Peru. Cebiche was fresh, although a bit on the tart side with lots of citrus. Too bad we were so full by the end of the small plates because I would have loved to try the saltados, but I’ll save that for the next trip.  I’m really glad this restaurant is here because there is a shortage of Peruvian restaurants and choices are few and far between. Cheers to more dining choices!

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