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Goat Milk Chocolate Cake with Bourbon and Cocoa Nibs

Do you sometimes get cravings for certain foods where substitutions just won’t do?

A taste for a specific flavor?

What about unsuccessfully trying to trick yourself into wanting something else, something you readily have on hand in the pantry?

I know, none of that changes the fact that the stomach wants what it wants. That’s what happened one night when I wanted a simple chocolate cake. I just wanted a bite, just a small taste would have satisfied me. Of course, we didn’t have any around, so I cobbled some ingredients together from this recipe here, substituting goat milk for regular milk and bourbon for rum. I also threw in some cocoa nibs for crunch and texture without added sweetness.

Basically, this cake is simple and satisfying and a snap to throw together. I was impressed with how the goat milk enhanced the chocolate and seemed to round out the flavor overall without any trace of a goaty aftertaste. Finally, the bourbon finished off the flavor profile with a velvety smooth hint of caramel. Although this cake was full of substitutions based on what I had on hand, we enjoyed it so much that we’ll be making it again.

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