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Rosemary Caramels with Goat Milk and Smoked Sea Salt

Roses are red, violets are blue

I love candy and I know you do too!

Ha ha. This poem SUCKS! Don’t think I’ll be getting a job writing greeting cards anytime soon. That’s ok because I’d rather whip up tasty treats instead.

This recipe is a great jumping off point for customizing and adding a personal touch to make it unique. We have a large rosemary bush and are always plucking fresh sprigs for cooking. I steeped 2 fresh rosemary sprigs in hot cream, let cool, and chilled overnight. The next day, I removed the sprigs and found that I was short a little more than 1/4 cup cream, so I made up the difference with goat milk. I didn’t think about the milk solids that might burn while making the caramel, so in it went. Hmmmm… Could have disastrous results…

By the time I noticed some darker flecks in the caramel, it was too late. To my surprise, these flecks lent a slightly deeper caramel flavor and an additional layer of depth. Who knew? Combined with the sweet goat milk, the rosemary and smoked sea salt rounded out the entire experience.

We packaged up these treats and sent them off to family and friends for a little Valentine’s Day surprise. After all, everyone loves to get cool stuff in the mail, right?

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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